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Bad breath, also called halitosis, can be very embarrassing for the people who have it. It may be overwhelming and persistent. This is different from "morning breath" which is a common and normal occurrence. Morning breath is caused by the decrease in saliva overnight while you sleep, and usually goes away after brushing the teeth and rinsing the mouth. Chronic bad breath can be prevented, but in order to do so it is important to discover the cause. The majority of the time, bad breath is the result of an unhealthy issue in the mouth.

Lehigh Valley Smile Designs uses tooth and gum tonic as well as Oxyfresh to treat bad breath.

Gum disease and poor diet can cause bad breath, so it is important to stay on top of regular dental visits to determine the cause of it. If gum disease is responsible for your halitosis, it needs to be treated quickly to prevent it from advancing. Left untreated, gum disease contributes to tooth loss and overall health problems.

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