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New Patient Special

Exam and full set of X-rays and diagnostic photos
(save $218 off regular price)
Special is only available to new patients. Must be 18 or older to qualify.

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Offers Expire: 09/29/2021


Firstly, I am so grateful to have beautiful, straight white teeth. I feel so beautiful and serene. Smiling is always easier for me because it is a way of spreading love and acceptance to those around me. Thank you all for everything.

Helene B. Leonetti, MD

After living 45 years with large spaces between my front teeth, Dr. Petrillo performed cosmetic dental work, and now I no longer cover my mouth when I smile! I am finally very proud of my smile, and I smile a lot.


The reconstructive dental work I had done made everyday contact with people a more enjoyable experience. I’m no longer self conscious of my smile (which was ugly) but it’s now beautiful thanks to Dr. Petrillo.


Dr. Petrillo has made my dream of a beautiful smile a reality. His expertise, attention to detail and kind nature, contributed to my decision to finally have work done. His professional staff was very supportive and helpful throughout the entire procedure. I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend Dr. Petrillo to anyone thinking of a Smile Makeover.


I’ve always been someone who likes to smile and acknowledge people. With my new “Petrillo smile,” people seem to be more responsive when I flash my smile their way!


I love my new smile and new life. Recently being single I needed self-esteem and a new lease on life. Driving 60 miles for my new smile gave me new promise. Not only did I get the white straight beautiful teeth I always wanted, it gave me the “boost” I needed. Dr. Petrillo and his staff always make me feel like part of the family. They are always a phone call and smile away. I thank them for the new person I have become. Daily I receive compliments on my beautiful teeth.


Dr. Petrillo, Thank you. Now everyone in my office wants to know more about you….


I have somewhat of an extensive vocabulary; however words cannot express what a white, hygienic, perfect smile does for one’s psyche. No-one could have guessed I brushed and flossed 6 times a day before. JUST DO IT!


My new smile has given me much more confidence in myself. Especially when meeting new people. I now love to smile! Friends tell me I look younger.


My new smile gives me more self-confidence. I want to smile and laugh more than before and eating is a pleasure, not a chore anymore!


The reason this procedure changed my life is because I have a beautiful reason to smile and I feel younger.


I want to let you know that I find myself wanting to smile all of the time to show off my new white teeth. Straight teeth are so much more pleasing to look at and I am fortunate to have white, straight teeth which raises my level of self-esteem! Interested patients can reach me at home. I would be happy to share my experiences.

Love, Susie

My new teeth are beautiful, and I know you all helped in some way. Mike, and Brandon, you two are the very best. You are truly professional. Thanks So, So, Much!


I was always confident in myself as a person and in my job, but not in my smile. I now feel more confident when I smile and it shows in my photos and I actually feel myself smiling now. I am also now able to enjoy eating food without any pain when before I had to bite off to the side because my front teeth were too sensitive due to the wear. The Staff is warm and friendly and Dr. Petrillo is always accommodating with all of my needs.


My son David, age 9, gave me a ‘thumbs up’ when he saw my new smile. That says it all!


I am very happy with my “New Smile.” I have gotten quite a few compliments on how nice my teeth are. Everyone thinks they are my natural teeth. They look so real! The best one of all though, is that my husband tells me that I look like a Movie Star! Dr. Petrillo did a great job!

Thank You, Rosanne

My name is Myra, and I am one of lucky ones who was fortunate enough to meet and be treated by Dr. Petrillo and his wonderful staff. We came here because we are going to be on the Dr. Phil show and we were told to fix our smiles courtesy of the show. We looked for many dentists in the area and Dr. Petrillo’s office was the only one that didn’t turn us down. We were seen and evaluated by Dr. Petrillo. We were in awe of his generous hospitality and his huge and kind heart. He not only took care of us and our dental needs, but he treated my husband and I with respect and kindness. Anyone that comes into his office will feel his work in their smile and confidence in their heart. God Bless you Dr. Petrillo and your staff. You are an inspiration to those you touch.


Before Invisalign, I was self-conscious and embarrassed…. I always covered my mouth when I smiled. The process was so simple and the result is extraordinary. I finally feel comfortable in front of other people. Dr. Petrillo and Invisalign have truly changed my life. THANK YOU


I absolutely love my new smile. I used to be afraid to smile very big because I had yellow teeth and my smile is so big that all my teeth show. But now I smile all the time and when I do it is the biggest smile ever. All my friends and family always tell me how much I smile now that my teeth look like this. Thank you so much, Lehigh Valley Smile Designs, for making me have the confidence to show off my big and bright smile. I would be more than happy to share my experience with anyone.


New Patient Special

Exam and full set of X-rays and diagnostic photos
(save $218 off regular price)
Special is only available to new patients. Must be 18 or older to qualify.

To take advantage of this amazing offer, simply complete the form below.
Offers Expire: 09/29/2021