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Meet the Dentists

Creating Life Changing Differences

Michael A. Petrillo, DMD

Dr. Michael A. Petrillo has received special hands-on training in cosmetic dentistry from prestigious post-graduate program, Pacific Aesthetic Continuum, and The Dawson Seminars in St. Petersburg, Florida. He has accumulated over 250 continuing education hours while adding smile design cosmetic services and Full Mouth Aesthetic Reconstruction to his practice. He has the ability to offer Smile Makeovers as a result of training in California with the actual dental experts seen on ABC’s Extreme Makeover. He and his dental team have also done advanced training in Aesthetic Full Mouth Reconstruction at the world renowned Las Vegas Institute for Exceptional Dentistry in Las Vegas. Dr. Petrillo is one of only 650 dentists in the world certified by the Las Vegas Institute.

He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and served in the US Air Force where he was chosen for a six month rotation post-grad program receiving advanced training for surgery and periodontics. He is a member of the American Dental Association, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry, Pennsylvania Dental Association, and The Lehigh Valley Dental Society.

Some may wonder how does all this training benefit the patient who wants a Smile Design and Makeover? It enables the Dentist:

  • To know how to shape, lengthen, lighten, and straighten teeth to achieve the perfect natural looking smile
  • To know what materials to use that will be cosmetically superior as well as very durable
  • To have access to some of the finest aesthetics labs in the country
  • To develop an eye for beauty and have the ability to make the artificial look natural
  • To increase his experience in customizing a smile for each individual

Dr. Petrillo believes that improving his patient’s smiles through conservative, cosmetic dental techniques has a positive impact on the overall appearance and self-confidence of his patients. A healthy smile impacts all aspects of one’s life — social, professional and romantic.

Dr Petrillo is the director and founder of Lehigh Valley Smile Designs in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. His guidance and vision continue to shape the team’s approach to dental care. The core principles which include excellence in patient care, gentle and thorough dentistry, and assisting patients in their quest for beautiful and healthy smiles are engrained in all team members so that patients are happy and satisfied with their care.  Dr. Patrick Petrillo and Dr. Bernhard Kabitizke are the treating dentists and enjoy contributing to our mission. 

Dr. Patrick Petrillo

A Passion for Dentistry

Patrick A. Petrillo, DDS

When Dr. Patrick A. Petrillo joined Lehigh Valley Smile Designs in 2012, he brought extensive experience from his own practice in creating smile makeovers and full mouth reconstruction. Joining Lehigh Valley Smile Designs allowed him the opportunity to focus on his true passion – creating beautiful smiles that produced happy and healthy patients – rather than managing a practice.

"I have a real passion for developing relationships with my patients," he explains. "You have to get to know them as more than a mouthful of teeth, but as an entire person."

Dr. Patrick Petrillo decided he wanted to become a dentist because of years of dental work he had to endure growing up in Wilkes-Barre, PA. "I had bad teeth that needed constant work, and I said to myself at some point, ‘I think I can do better than the guy working on me.'"

Eventually he took that desire to Temple University's Dental School, and it's been fueling his approach to dentistry even since. "I am still fascinated by my craft," he says with a smile. "There have been so many changes in technology over the years I have been in practice, and those changes have allowed me to be even better as a dentist for my patients." Dr. Petrillo notes that new technology and dental materials provide him with the ability to provide his patients "with an even more natural smile."

Dr. Petrillo was attracted to Lehigh Valley Dental Smiles because of the practice's philosophy of emphasizing not just dental health, but overall health, as the key to a good smile. He truly enjoys working with the staff because of the "high skill level" and "commitment to excellence in patient care."

A hallmark of Dr. Petrillo's dental career has been his focus on continually enhancing his skills and knowledge as a dentist. He has regularly taken advanced dentistry courses at a national level, including the Peter Dawson Academy, The Frank Schuster Center for Professional Development, The Frank Spear Continuum, and Implant Courses through Nobel, Zimmer and 3i. He is also a member of the Suburban Study Club in Philadelphia.

Dr. Petrillo has three children, Jeffrey, Kimberly and Gregory. In his spare time, he likes to exercise ("keeps me young"), go to car shows, and "spend time with my wife Linda." He also has a ShihTzu named Wicket who "thinks he is a prince" and keeps Dr. Petrillo and his wife constantly entertained.

Dr. Bernhard Kabitzke

Bernhard E. Kabitzke, DMD

Service to others is a driving principle for Dr. Bernhard E. Kabitzke of Lehigh Valley Smile Designs. Since becoming a dentist in 1992, he has been focused on helping his patients feel good about their smile and how they look. "So many of them tell me that because of my dental treatment, they feel so much better physically and emotionally about their overall oral health and in particular their smile."

Dr. Kabitzke has taken his "service to others" philosophy even further than most dentists – he joined the Army Reserves several years ago so he could "serve my country and give something back." Based in Fort Dix, N.J., he provides dental care to members of the military all over the Northeast on weekends. "They all sacrifice so much to protect us and serve our nation – it's the least I can do," he notes.

Dr. Kabitzke grew up in New Rochelle, N.Y., and received his undergraduate degree from Farleigh Dickinson University and his dental degree from Tufts University. He decided to become a dentist because he wanted a profession where he could actively work with his hands and help people at the same time.

"I believe you have to get to know your patients to be able to truly take care of their dental needs. Once you understand their fears and concerns – and their hopes – you can do a better job of taking care of teeth."

Our team at Lehigh Valley Smile Designs receives high marks from Dr. Kabitzke. "They are a really wonderful group of professionals who contribute equally to helping put beautiful smiles on all of our patients."

Dr. Kabitzke has continued to enhance his dental skills over the past several years by completing advanced training in Implant Restoration and Zirconia Restorative Materials at Nobel Biocare; Occlusion from Pete Dawson's program; and has been certified as an Invisalign Orthodontics dentist. He has also completed extensive coursework in Direct and Indirect Composite Bonding, Dental Pharmacology, and Dental Office Emergency Procedures.

When he isn't at Lehigh Valley Dental Smiles, Dr. Kabitzke likes to spend time with his two sons, Eric and Kevin. He also enjoys traveling and reading (Tom Clancy novels are a favorite) when he has spare time.

New Patient Special

Exam and full set of X-rays and diagnostic photos
(save $218 off regular price)
Special is only available to new patients. Must be 18 or older to qualify.

To take advantage of this amazing offer, simply complete the form below.
Offers Expire: 10/20/2021