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How Many of These Dental Fun Facts Can You Get Correct?

Take this quiz on dental-related fun facts and you could win a $100 Visa gift card. Email your name and which one was your favorite question to and you’ll be entered to win!


1)      How much does an elephant’s tooth weigh?

a.)    One Pound b.) Four Pounds c.) Six Pounds d.) Ten Pounds


2)      Over a lifetime you create enough saliva to fill:

a.)    A Kiddie Pool b.) A Hot Tub c.) Two Swimming Pools d.) Lake Superior


3)      A drop of saliva has more than:

a.)    100 Bacteria b.) 100,000 Bacteria c.) 1 Million Bacteria d.) 100 Million Bacteria


4)      What is the most common toothbrush color?

a.)    Red b.) Blue c.) Green d.) Pink


5)      How long have people been using the toothbrush?

a.)    200 Years b.) 1,000 Years c.) 3,000 Years d.) 10,000 Years


6)      What percent of adults do not brush twice a day?

a.)    25% b.) 35% c.) 55% d.) 65%


7)      How many days does a person spend brushing their teeth over a lifetime?

a.)    17 Days b.) 26 Days c.) 38 Days d.) 47 Days


8)      If you don’t floss how much of the tooth surface are you missing?

a.)    25% b.) 35% c.) 45% d.) 50%


9)      Flossing daily can extend your life:

a.)    Two Years b.) Three Years c.) Four Years d.) Six Years


10)   How many fillings does the average person have?

a.)    Two b.)  Four c.) Seven d.) Ten


11)   What percent of adults have had a tooth extracted?

a.)    22% b.) 43% c.) 65% d.) 74%


12)   What percent of adults have no natural teeth?


a.)    6% b.) 10% c.) 12% d.) 20%


Chew On This Answer Key

1)      C

2)      C

3)      D

4)      B

5)      C

6)      A

7)      C

8)      B

9)      D

10)   C

11)   D

12)   A


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