Patient Spotlight: Bobby Gunther Walsh

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A Prince of  A Grandpa

You may know Bobby Gunther Walsh as the morning voice of 790 WAEB radio, but when he’s not on the air he’s really a prince… of sorts. Gunther just had a vacation in late August and spent his days off with two of his favorite people - his two granddaughters, who are 7 years old and 5 years old.

“We went to several amusement parks,” says Gunther with a smile. “Knoebels, Sesame Place and Dorney.” As for parks, he also likes to take his two princesses to The Bethlehem Rose Garden. “The girls like to play make-believe. They’ll touch a flower and pretend to fall under a sleep enchantment,” he explains. “I have to go carry them off to rescue them and they wake up.”

Evelynn and Lilah spend a lot of their time with their princely grandpa playing mini-golf and having water gun fights. “I see them several times a week. I’m an usher at my church and the girls help me take collection every Sunday.  They also come to my races,” says Gunther, who drives on a NASCAR modified circuit.

Gunther endorses Lehigh Valley Smile Designs and notes their friendly, relaxed approach. One of his greatest testimonies came when one of his granddaughters had a dental emergency and lost a tooth. “Linda Petrillo from Dental South was the first person I called. She responded immediately and referred us to a pediatric dentist,” he recalls. “It turned out to be no big deal, but that’s how much I trust them.”

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